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Return Policy / Colors

Because these tiles are made-to-order, we cannot do returns or exchanges.

If you are ordering a whole wall, we recommend ordering a few samples (email us for a sample discount) before ordering the entire batch. We also recommend checking in with your local tile store to see if they would like to carry Oscar & Izzy tiles. They can obtain samples and help you in designing your wall.

Please remember that we can not exactly match the colors on the tiles to the colors on your computer monitor screen or that print from your printer. Your computer monitor and printer have their own settings for how colors are portrayed and every monitor and printer is different. We cannot match exact hues of colors and there will be subtle differences on the tiles from what you see on your computer monitor or print from your printer.

If you wish to match the colors of the tiles exactly to a color you want to use for your project we suggest that you order your tiles first and coordinate the colors for the rest of your project based on the actual colors of the tiles. Do not rely on the hues you see on your computer screen or that print from your printer for color matching.

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